Recordings of Punjabi Zaboor [Psalms] for Choirs    

The Psalms [Zaboor, in Urdu] were translated into the Punjabi language mostly by Rev. Imam Din Shahbaz and later in early 1900’s and when he lost sight he with the help of his companion Babu Sadiq who would read aloud the translation he would put the text of Zaboors into the verse form. Then with the help of musicians the tunes were made for all 405 sections of the Zaboors. The tunes were put into the Staff notation by a American Lady in 1904 or so.
The original manuscript was searched out and I had hoped that entire set of Zaboors be sung by a choir and recorded but due to may constraints it did not happen, instead to preserve the entire set of old tunes we adapted the following format. That the Zaboor number and section and the text of the first stanza will be readout and then the tune will be played twice for each Zaboor this to facilitate the interested Choir to be able learn and sing it.
After a great search Lord made available Mr. Paul Jacob who probably was the only person to be able to read and play the staff Notation [the system in which English music is written]. He with his amazing skill and patience sat with the teams of readers and recording people for straight fifteen days to carry out this extraordinary task never done before.
Mr. Kamran Nasim recorded the music and also read some of the text along with me, Rev. Cecil, Elder Yaqub Khan, Sr. Akhatr Joseph Lall, Dr. Phyllis Dean and  Mr. shakil Sabir. All were serving at Christian Hospital Taxila except for Mr. Paul Jacob who was then serving at the Seventh day Seminary in Sheikhupura.
The hospital provided all necessary support for this project.
We hope that many Punjabi Zaboor Lovers will enjoy these spiritual offerings to learn and teach others. 
Joseph Lall,
Christian Hospital Taxila,


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