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What’s New

Hopital Trainging Programs
A batch of 26 students completed their training as N/Assistant, Lab Technician, X-Ray Technician and Opticians in Feb 2011. A new batch of 26 students started their training in these fields on March 1st, 2012.

Digital Radiography

New Departments

Diabetic Retinopathy Unit
This newly established unit started functioning in July 2009. This has been a very useful addition to the already well equipped ophthalmology unit. Dr. Felix Gill has trained other Eye doctors, too. 251 patients have availed this specialized laser facility since July 2009.

New Techniques

Another major step forward is the starting of ‘Phacoemulsion Surgery’ for cataracts patients. This has been started in March 2010. We hope to catar more eye patients by using this technique.

6 October 2012

From Christoffel Blinden Mission Mr. Matthias Spaeth, Tanja Kern, Lars Krause, Dr. Babar Qureshi & Mr. Ajmal Khan arrived on to inaugurate our new Eye Operating Room.

2 November 2012

Mrs. Rovia Tebbe along with Daughter Ann and Mrs. Beth James Tebbe arrived to visit us. It was memorable occasion. Mrs. Tebbe is now 91 Year old but remembers everything about Taxila of 50 years ago.

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