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Hopital History

The Christian Hospital Taxila was established in 1922. The First World War has been over nearly four years back and things were settling down. During the same year, the United Presbyterian Mission around the Punjab was continuing with its efforts to bring witness of Jesus Christ and  to meet the education and health needs of the people.
In the mission some thought there was a need for a Hospital in the northern Punjab. Dr. Gregory Martin was very sure of such a need.

Selection of the site of Taxila

Dr. Martin wanted to serve the tribal people. Also Serai Kala, as the location was known, was a railway junction, and the Grand Trunk Road was situated nearby. So the Christian Hospital was to be at Taxila.

In the spring and summer of 1921, the property for the Hospital was purchased in Taxila which was located about 20 miles west of Rawalpindi. It was then thought to be sort of tribal area. This was no simple matter, for the buying of the 27 acres involved settlement and payment for 23 separate deeds. The landowners insisted on being paid in cash that meant the British Silver Coins of  rupees had to be carried on a bullock cart from Rawalpindi to Taxila.
Terrorists Attack

29  August  2002 Terrorists Attack Shocked Us .

This is my part of the story  of  9th  August 2002. I am certain that everyone in the hospital has a different experience to tell.

It had been raining almost all night and everyone at the hospital was very happy that maybe now the extreme water shortage, that we have been living with for the entire summer, may be over.

Management History

Dr. John Gregory Martin

Medical Suprintendents
Dr. J. G. Martin, M.D --(1922-1925)
Dr. A.J. Jongewaard, M.D -- (1925-1926)
Dr. J.G. Martin, M.D -- (1926-1935)
Dr. H.L. Finley, M.D -- (1935-1936)
Dr. N. Flower, M.B.Ch -- (1926-1938)
Dr. S. Bergsma, M.D -- (1938-1943)
Dr. J. Vroon, M.D (1943-1947)
Dr. A. Karsgaard, M.D -- (1947-1951)
Dr. N.E. Christy, M.D -- (1951-1954)
Dr. O.A. Brown, M.D -- (1954-1955)
Dr. N.E. Christy, M.D -- (1955-1960)
Dr. O.A. Brown, M.D -- (1960-1962)
Dr. N.E. Christy, M.D -- (1962-1965)
Dr. Ernest Lall, M.B.B.S -- (1965-1991)

Nursing Suprintendents
Miss G.Porter -- 1920
Miss Florence Carithers -- 1954
Miss E.H Turner -- 1974
Miss G.Lundquist -- 1975

Deputy Directors
Dr. Pramila Lall (1991)

Dr. Ernest Lall -- (1991-2001)
Dr. Aschenaz M. Lall (2001)
Medical Suprintendents
Dr. Ashchenaz M.Lall -- (1991-2001)
Dr. Phyllis Dean -- (2001)
Mr. Joseph Lall -- (1991)
Nursing Suprintendents
Miss Wenny Lakerdal -- (1991-2007)
Mrs. Hamida William -- (2007)
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