Christian Hospital Taxila, Pakistan
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Faisal Shaheed Road, Taxila, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 514 535 091
Fax: +92 514 535 092

Hospital has three x-ray machine and the most modern digital image processing and dry film printing (by AGFA). The images are scanned stored and are available instantaneously all the monitors of the doctors, working in the clinic. The old days of wet chemical processing and wasted films are long gone. All the images are edited to show the highest quality of images and multiple images can be printed on a single film.

1. digital Casettee Reader
2. Dry X-ray Film Printer
3. Digital Processing Monitor & CPU

Dr. Phyllis Dean and digital X-ray Film Monitor

Dr. Ernest Lall, Asif Dan and Mrs Ayesha Suleman

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