Christian Hospital Taxila, Pakistan
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Faisal Shaheed Road, Taxila, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 514 535 091
Fax: +92 514 535 092

We maintain  many  religious books  and  tract  in our  book  room along with the urdu health related books and pamphlets which are  available  for  reading  to any one interested. Our  one  male and female  evangelist  maintain  the  tract  stands in many  locations  throughout  the  clinics and the wards   with  books and  tracts  that  people  can  read and  take  away . Many  patients  or  relatives  of  the patients  request  that  they  go to the  bedside  and  pray for them

The whole purpose of this hospital is to be a Christian witness to all who come to us.

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