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Since time immemorial for us that is

1922 till 1951 the eye patients were seen in the Old stone building that housed the Operating rooms, the ward, pharmacy and cashiers office, x-ray and central supply store.
Dr.Karsgaard who was in Taxila in 1947 tells [two days ago] me that he and Dr.Norval Christy used to see the eye patients in the long corridor in the stone building. Dr. Karsgaard is the only person who could have told us how the routine really got established of sitting the eye patients on long bench and the eye doctor would go from patient to patient and examine each patient. The 2nd support doctor would sit in a room with a slit lamp and did the anterior and posterior chamber exams. Dr.Karsgaard left Taxila to go and establish the Bach Christian Hospital in Qalandar Abad, Dist. Abbotabad. Then North Western Frontier Province but now Khyber Pakhtun Kwa.
Then when the Chapel, Pharmacy, Laboratory, cash office, male & female clinics and the eye clinic were built behind the Chapel the corridor concept was properly applied there. It had openings on both side with the eye clinic room, which held the slit lamp, the refraction and treatment all in the single room on one end.
Dr.Ernest and Pramila Lall came to serve here in 1957 and they tell me that the routine was fully functional at that time. So it continued from 1952 to 1978 and when the present clinic was designed by Dr.Norval Christy it had the corridor built in where some 60 patients could be seated air conditioning was installed some in mid-nineties.
Clinic routines were modified to smooth out the patient processing. Now the Visual acuity, reading glasses, Refractions, the Intraocular pressure with air puff and the urine check for diabetes were all done before the duty doctor would see a patient in the corridor. Then if the doctor felt it necessary the patient would be referred to the room where the other four doctors would sit with their slit lamps, they would carry out the examination and the patient had to go back to the long corridor and again wait for the doctor to see the report and make final diagnosis and dictate the prescription to the team which accompanied the doctor. There had to be at least two other persons present with the doctor to ward of the onslaught of patents in a rush.
One change that was brought in last year was that the urine test for sugar was given up and the pin prick blood sugar test was established. It saved a lot of time and effort on the part of the hospital and the patients; it is 100% clean fast and accurate.
The old system was a excellent one for two doctors to manage the 250 patients in 3-4 hours. It worked very well. As with the other systems of the world this age old historic system of seeing patients in a assembly line stands modified now.
Dr.Felix Gill was the mind behind this project, we Salute him!
We purposely made the changeover in the the Ramadan to iron out any processing issues, but our homework, planning and logistics were so good that no issues arose and it seems like we have been doing it for ever.
Everyone is happy as you will see in the attached pictures.
Please continue to pray for us.

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