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How Dr. karsgaard came to be in Taxila?

we "sailed in Sept" Leaving N.Y. on the Vulcania were about 150 missionaries for Africa & India. We sailed to Alexandria where we, together with Rev. & Mrs Paul Miller  (Sec-Treas in Gujranwala for UPs) crossed the pier and boarded a freight ship for the two week sail to Karachi. We had left North America not knowing how we would travel on from Egypt -- but God had it ready for us.  The next day after reaching Guj. I came down with acute bacillary dysentery and was taken to Sialkot Hospital. Frankly I was so sick I wondered if I could survive. But I did and after a week travelled by train with a senior UP lady to Pindi & Gordon College.  Dr. Vroon came in and drove us to Taxila where we lived for the next 4 1/2 years.  Dr. Vroon had convinced the mission to allow us to live with them that winter while we studied Urdu so that we would know things about the hospital we needed to know before the Vroons left on furlough in the spring..

In May we went to Landour for language study that summer.  The Davises and Marion Temple RN  came out from USA, and Verna Zeitler,RN came up from TEAM's work in Khandesh, Bombay to join us. Winter 47-48 the Davises lived at Gordon College and studied Urdu while the nurses were with us in Taxila.  Verna Zeitler developed back pain and spent summer l948 in traction in the Vicarage in Murree and was then evacuated to the States.  Marion Temple married a widower on the staff of Technical School Guj. She is the nurse in the picture you asked us for names.

So, we came straight to Taxila from North America. I had been in general practice for 3 years and knew next to nothing about eyes. We did arrive in time to participate in part of the fall cataract rush; in January I went to Shikarpuir to the Holland eye clinic and learned the basic cataract operation. ..In l951 on furlough I attended Graduate School, UP.of Pennsylvania studying Ophthalmology. .and on our return to Pakistan we went up to Mansehra.  (On furlough 58-59 I worked with a general surgeon here in Winnipeg. In l962 we had to leave Pakistan because of my Wife's health. I studied Ophthal and then obtained my specialty certificate and joined a clinic here.  However, from l966-l976 I was medical director for TEAM and made 4 trips with the General Director to different continents. The latter info has nothing to do with Taxila

How Dr. Norval Christy came to be in Taxila?

Since I had told the Lord when I was 15 that I would do whatever He wanted me to do wherever and whenever He said, I took a premedical course in college and went to medical school to get ready for whatever that might be. Sometime along this process I informed the United Presbyterian Board of Foreign Mission that I was willing to serve as a medial missionary wherever needed at the end of my training. The U.P. Church at that time sent missionaries to only four countries. - Sudan, Egypt, India, and Ethiopia. I knew more about the needs in India since I had an older brother who was a missionary in India so I said that my first choice was India but that I was willing to go anywhere. In the summer of 1947 India got her independence from Great Britain and was partitioned into India and Pakistan with slaughters of many thousand people on both sides of the new border and the movement of about 12 million people from one country to the other. One or both of these countries asked the United States for emergency help but the U.S. declined any official help since it was neutral in this dispute but recommended that they ask the American churches for help. Church World Service was a fairly new aid organization at that time and they asked the Presbyterians if they could supply some medical workers. Since I was on their list of candidates the church ask me through Dr. John Vroon, who was on furlough at the time, if I would go to Pakistan for six months to do refugee medical relief work. I agreed to go if I could get six monthís leave from my residency training, which I did receive. At that time Dorothy and I were engaged to be married in about nine months, so we moved that date up, were married, and three weeks later were on our way to Pakistan by air. After six months of caring for tens of thousands of refugees on the road from India to Pakistan and hundreds in a hospital in Lyallpur we were asked by the Pakistan mission if we would consider staying in Pakistan to work at their hospital in Taxila since Dr. Karsgaard who was covering there would be moving on to his own missionís work in the future. We agreed and spent the next thirty nine years in a great job in the place God wanted us to be.

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