Christian Hospital Taxila, Pakistan
Quality Low Cost Service

Faisal Shaheed Road, Taxila, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 514 535 091
Fax: +92 514 535 092

General OPD

General patients come to us mainly due to low cost but high quality of service.

This is our filter to provide equal high quality services to all who come to us, the Rich have money but no time but the poor do have more time on their hands.
Highly specialized services which cost tons of money are beyond the capacity of our hospital.
However we have well equipped lab with most modern equipment to carrying out all the tests required, excellent x-ray service is available with 30 minutes wait to have dry x-ray in hand. Ultrasound, antenatal services are fully utilized.
All cash and medicine handling is computerized to run the systems smoothly.

Male General OPD

Small surgical procedures are done immediately.

Female General OPD

Antenatal clinics run along side the female general clinic to cater for the OB Gyne full female patient.

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