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Eye Services

Ever since Dr. Martin landed in Taxila in 1922, set up his tent and carried out the very first operation, it was Hernia, in the light of a lantern with only Mr. Abdullah Gordon assisting.
It had been general hospital but in late forties with the arrival of Dr. Kargaard in 1947 and later Dr.Norval Christy the eye work started. Now it is generally known as an eye hospital as eye patients come for all parts of Pakistan and even Afghanistan. Average number of patients seen per day is around 200.Dr.Pramila Lall  has  serve d since 1957 
Well established routines for most efficient processing of eye patients are used. All patients as they walk in are examined by our eye technicians and all the routine  eye tests i.e. visual acuity, retinoscopies refractions, eye pressure , urine test for  Diabetes  and blood pressure are carried out before the doctors see the patients , this process has been developed over the period of many years. It helps us process the eye patients very efficiently in short time.
Due to the low cost and high quality of the services which include Phaco, Tunnel surgery for cataract and the provision of the Diabetic retinopathy unit which includes the Fundus camera and Argon & YAG Lasers. Christoffel Blinden Mission [CBM ] of Germany has been the main supporter over a period of more than 30 years . Now  the  support  is dwindling  and  is at  7%  of our  Eye  department  budget and  2.5%  of  the  hospital  budget.

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