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17 Million Curable Blind: A challenge to Compassionate Christian!

Dr. Christy returns to the USA at the end of this year, after a fruitful ministry of over 40 years. However, his work will not come to an end. National Christians, such as Dr. Lall and other colleagues will carry on his ministry of sight and light with CBMI’s ongoing support.
Dr. Norval Christy is a Presbyterian missionary from New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. On a normal day he enters the operating room in the early hours of the morning. His time is precious and therefore calculated very precisely; allowing only 3minutes for each eye patient. The ophthalmologist skillfully makes a small incision in the patient’s eye. Very carefully he loosens the lens and removes is with a pair of forceps. That is the critical moment. The rest is routine. His well-trained assistants do the necessary follow-up treatment. Dr. Christy has already turned to the next patient.
That in short, is the description of a cataract operation. Can you imagine what it means to a person blinded by cataracts to see again – often after years of absolute darkness and dependency? With the help of cataract glasses, his sight is now restored.
While visiting the U.S office of Christian Blind Mission International in Wheatin, Illinois, Dr. Christy explained how this great need of millions of blind people can be met on a larger scale. Having worked in Taxila, Pakistan, for the last 40 years, this one CBMI ophthalmologist alone has restored the sight of 108,000 men, women, and children, blinded by cataracts, through a simple but effective operation. An unprecedented world record!
17 Million Curable Blind: A challenge to Compassionate Christian! The relative simple cataract operation, however, is by no means easily available to the penniless men, women, and children living in third world countries. A few rich people may be exceptions. But more than 17 million people, who live in the poorest regions of our world, and whose sight has been robbed by cataracts, are helplessly resigned to remain blind. Why? Because they have not the, means to seek the help of an eye doctor. Totally blind or visually handicapped, they live in utter misery and have to beg to avoid starvation.
So much is accomplished with so little!
Because most of the patients are extremely poor, they receive treatment including surgery, free of charge. It costs CMI no more than $20 per cataract operation, including follow-up treatment and cataract glasses.
Dr. Norval Christy, an eye specialist working with CBMI, has already restored the eyesight of 108,000 Pakistanis through cataract surgery. The 900 beds of the CBMI supported Christian Hospital in Taxila are always occupied. The doctor operates upon as many as 200 eye patients on same days.
The patients below are waiting for their final examination and cataract glasses. They will go home rejoicing at the miracle of sight restored. He could have been a Millionaire – but he chose to be a Missionary!
Dr. Norval Christy (an eye surgeon and a graduate of Harvard University) could have earned millions in the USA, his home country. Some of his fellow students have done that. But the CBMI doctor is satisfied with the money.

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