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the promise land

It all started in 1992 when Taxila decided that it was time to re-invent itself in another

Our eye patients have been coming to us from far flung areas (5-700 kilometers) away , some

Normally General Patients come from within a radius of 100 kilometer. Average number of

Public health clinic provide Antenatal, vaccinations and mot
Welcome to Christian Hospital Taxila

The year was 1922. The first World War has been over nearly four years back and things were setting down. During the same year, the United Presbyterian Mission in the Punjab was continuing with its efforts to share Jesus Christ and meet the needs of the people. Some thought there was a need for a Christian Hospital in the Northern Punjab but Dr. Gergory Martin was sure there was such a need. Christian Hospital in Taxila was situated after great struggle.

Our Doctors

The Hospital has well experienced doctors who can cope with the versatility and diversity of patients and their needs, the hospital also has well trained staff to assist doctors and patients , most up-to date equipment is used for providing better services to patients.

The present team of Doctors

News & Events

X-Ray - digital image processor and dry film printer
Hospital has three x-ray machine and the most modern digital image processing system managed by  a computer. The new films do not have any Silver content and works just like a photocopier but the images on the film are excellent. The images are scanned, stored and are available instantaneously on  the high Density Monitors at doctors stations in clinics instantaneously.

New fully air conditioned Obstetric Ward inaugurated on 14 April, 2010
The ward was established in the renovated old eye ward and has four delivery rooms with nursery and modern incubators.

A new Caterpillar 450 KVA generator was installed to cope with the increased loads of the hospital, all the installation works the mains failure system were manufactured by our own staff saving large amounts of money. They entire system is working flawlessly ever since.

Colour Doppler Ultrasound
Colour Doppler sonography was installed and the doctors and patients are very happy with the increased facility.

Evening Clinic
Colour Doppler sonography was installed and the doctors and patients are very happy with the increased facility.

New Oxygen Concentrator
New Oxygen concentrator was installed relieving the cost of the bottled oxygen from the factory.
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